In short, we are petrolheads………

We have a passion for big cars and big engines.

Although we have been participating in extreme 4×4 at the highest level in SA for a number of years, we only opened our store in 2015. What started out to be a little shop to cater only for our 4×4 needs, has grown to a fully fitted and stocked shop which caters for your average 4×4 dude to your specialist extreme 4×4 dude.

We added a classic project division as we come across many old cars and trucks with lots of potential to be restored
or converted in a streetrod, hotrod or ratrod.

Our goal is to help outfit your 4×4, or to provide you with all the groceries and advice to do it yourself. If you share our
passion, you must visit our store, to see what we do, and what we stock or check out our vintage/classic automotive man cave.

We are based in Ermelo, but can ship anywhere in SA.